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Yoni is an ancient word for Vagina and she is a sacred part of who we are. Our modern culture does not teach us to revere the amazing being that she is, societal norms and expectations, diseases, unresolved trauma, religious attitudes and dogma, create a lack of understanding of how she works and the benefits of all she can do. Receiving soothing, beautifying spa treatments and connecting with your divine feminine are great steps toward becoming a whole, strong, integrated woman. I am dedicating 2023 to the Yoni, my Yoni and your Yoni! as I continue on my journey of understanding and connection I will bring you more services that will aid in your own understanding, growth and connection. I hope you will join me!



Divine feminine connections utilizes deeply penetrating far infrared heat, guided meditation, healing crystals and sound therapy to align you body, mind and spirit with your menstrual cycle and body rhythms.  

Model in bikini


A facial for your  lady bits! Lightens, brightens and tones. Helps treat ingrown hairs, removes dead skin cells, smoothes bumps, prevents acne, helps with discoloration and maintaining healthy, smooth, hydrated skin. 

White Swimwear

with soothing mask $75

A brazilian wax utilizes Cirepil wax for sensitive areas to  remove all hair from hip bones down to the sit bones and up to the top of the cheek line. Above hip bones and cheeks are extra. You can also add a soothing mask to help reduce redness and irritation. 

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