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While Reflexology feels like a deeply relaxing massage, it is actually alternating pressures applied to the nerve endings on the extremities. Compared to traditional massage, which relaxes the body from the outside inward, Reflexology relaxes the mind from the inside outward, offering a time-out from the stress of daily life. When the brain no longer needs to worry about these environmental, physical and emotional stresses it can focus on creating balance within the body allowing the homeostasis needed for health.

Body Healing

Feet & Lower Legs
60 min $100
90 min $135

While foot & lower leg Reflexology is excellent for restoring homeostasis to the entire body and mind, it can be especially helpful for back pain, auto-immune disorders, and foot pain. A 90 minute session can include feet, legs, hands, arms, face and ears if you wish. 

Hand Massage

Hand & Forearm
30 min $55
60 min $100

Hand Reflexology helps to bring balance to the entire being as well as focusing on hand and wrist pain. 

Face Massage

Face & Ears
30 min $55
60 min $100

I have found ear and face Reflexology to be profoundly relaxing for the mind and spirit and can be most beneficial for tinnitus. 

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